City Center Dance Studio Policies & Information 2019-2020 (effective June 1, 2019)

General Information

We operate on a September-May calendar year and follow most White Plains & West Harrison school holidays and closings.  Please see our studio calendar below for exact dates.  For any closings or cancellations due to inclement weather, go to www.citycenterdance.comor call the studio at 

914-328-1881.  Private lessons are available by appointment at a rate of at least $45.00 for ½ hour and $90.00 an hour dependent upon instructor.   Schedule and teachers are subject to change without notice.  Studio policies are subject to changes and additions at any time. Placement is at the discretion of management and not necessarily based on years of experience.  Teacher conferences are available by appointment.


Kids Classes

Please note: YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR THE ENTIRE SEPT-MAY SESSION OF CLASSES (September 9, 2019 – May 22, 2020).  We do not offer semesters or half-year registration.  Fees are for the full year of tuition unless otherwise specified.



Registration fees are non-refundable.  Registration requires a deposit of 2/3 of total tuition cost plus registration fee.  All remaining balances must be paid in full by November 1, 2019.  Payments are expected on time whether or not the studio is physically open.  We accept check, cash, and cards.


Late Fees

All balances not paid by November 30, 2019 will be charged a LATE FEE of $20.00which must immediately be paid in full with outstanding balance.  Any accounts still delinquent as of November 15, 2019 will incur an additional $20.00 LATE FEEwhich is immediately due and must be paid in full with prior late fee and outstanding balance.  If payment is still not received by November 30, 2019 your child’s registration will be immediately terminated with no refund. There will be NO GRACE PERIOD and late fees WILL NOT BE WAIVED FOR ANY REASON.  



Refunds are only applicable until 11/1/19.  After that time ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDSwill be given.  All refunds will be charged a $25.00 processing fee and will be pro-rated up to the drop-out date regardless of number of classes taken. For those registering after 11/1/19 the period for refunds is up to one month from your start date.  All refunds will be charged a $25.00 processing fee and will be pro-rated up to the drop-out date regardless of number of classes taken.



A 5% sibling discount is offered on tuition only; the discount applies to all siblings.


Right of Refusal:  City Center Dance reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone who refuses to follow or has not followed our policies in the past.


Termination of Registration:  City Center Dance reserves the right to terminate registration without refund if: 

1)  Attendance:  City Center Dance is a school and as such we expect all students to keep good attendance in their classes.  Those students who have more than 1 absence per month will not be eligible for participation in the recital and after 3 consecutive absences will be terminated from the program with no refund.

2)  Abusive behavior: any abusive language or behavior by a parent(s) or student(s) toward any staff member or fellow student will result immediate termination without refund.

3)  Policies: non-compliance with our policies will result in immediate termination without refund.


Make-Up Classes

Classes missed or canceled due to: absenteeism, inclement weather, unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances may be made up in another existing class at management discretion.


Performances & Costume Fees

There will be a performance for all children’s classes (except creative movement, pre-pointe, pointe and workshops) scheduled for May 15th-17th, 2020 at Purchase College.
A costume fee of no less than $75.00 per class will be charged at a later date.  Ticket prices, exact location and all other relative information will be supplied to you at a later date.


Dress Code

City Center Dance STRICTLYadheres to a dress code.  Please make note of what your child needs to wear for each class and make sure your child comes to each class prepared.  Those children who continually come to class unprepared (including hair) will be asked to sit out until they come in proper dress code.  There is no gum chewing in class and keep your jewelry to a minimum.

Ballet & Creative Movement classes

Ballet classes are required to wear pink tights, a black leotard and pink ballet slippers.  Hair MUST BE IN A BUN FOR ALL BALLET CLASSES!  No cover-up clothing is allowed once class begins. Creative Movement classes require pink tights, pink ballet shoes and a leotard of any color; children may also wear dance skirts or tutus if they wish.  Hair must be worn in a ponytail, pig tails, bun or braids

All other classes

Are required to wear APPROPRIATE dance clothing of any color.  Appropriate clothing consists of tights, leotards, jazz pants, leggings, camisole or tank tops. ABSOLUTELY NO SWEATPANTS, SWEATSHIRTS, SHORTS or BAGGY T-SHIRTS are allowed in class!!!  Hair must be worn in a ponytail, pig tails, bun or braids.  No cover-up clothing is allowed once class begins. Shoe requirements are as follows: jazz classes = black jazz shoes, sometimes barefoot and if the teacher requests, foot undies; tap classes = flat black tap shoes; hip hop classes = black sneakers (any style sneaker; MUST be all-black; ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE SHOES ALLOWED!)